HALOED MEDIA GROUP, INC. is a media company that creates, produces and distributes high quality media programming and content across all platforms and brands in our portfolio, including Delve Online, Urban Parrhesia, WEDEMOS, and Inner-City Equity.

We are a diverse, multi-faceted media company operating on an idea-based social platform. Our content reflects the wonderful complexity of modern society in engaging ways — we are funny, serious, provocative and thoughtful. We search for new stories and perspectives in marginalized communities without stereotyping and demeaning our audience.

HMG is in the business of entertaining and empowering our audience by telling stories. Through our diverse community of thought leaders, we actively participate in conversations about society, culture, politics, arts and entertainment and the intersection of race, gender, identity and class.


Our mission is to challenge the stereotypes around race, gender, identity and class, to advocate for equality, and to be a voice and a catalyst for change in the issues that disproportionately affect marginalized communities.



S. DeMarco Carter, sdcarter@haloedmedia.com

Advisors, Board Members

Michael Bartone, PhD, mbartone@haloedmedia.com

EVP, Business Development

Paul Miller, pkmiller@haloedmedia.com

Creative Director

Norma Zepeda, nzepeda@haloedmedia.com


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