Haloed media is an experiment in life mastery. It is our goal to creatively use our media portfolio to encourage consumers to unapologetically pursue their better selves. We put people, programming and partnerships at the center of everything we do, because these are the keys to our success.

We create opportunities for advertisers to associate their brands with premium media content and connect with highly engaged consumers. Our elevated content provides news, information, products and services to equip our consumers with the tools needed to tackle complex issues of the day by promoting mental and physical fitness, financial literacy, economic empowerment and civic engagement. Each brand, its related content and events, reaches a different key audience segment and provides a fun, entertaining and engaging way for you to promote brand awareness.

Our consumers live each day with the courage to embrace the best of themselves and others. We provide the tools to do so and content that appeals to users and advertisers alike. Our portfolio provides you the unique opportunity to connect with build brand awareness and show your company’s support of conscious media for a conscious society.


Inquires please contact:
Paul Miller